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About Us

    Jane and Erin Jones decided at Christmas of 2002 to make gifts for our employees.  We put together baskets for each one with a homemade Caramel and a homemade Fudge sauce.  Everyone loved them and requested more! Sweet & Saucy was born.  We have grown from those two original flavors to so many more now!  Sweet & Saucy is a woman owned company, but we get lots of help from the boys (Rob, Brent and Wes).  They do lots of heavy lifting for us, packing all those orders, building pieces of equipment, love to talk to all of you at shows and much, much more.

     Now we make luscious, sweet, buttery caramels, rich, decadent, dark chocolate sauces, and complex savory mustard blends. Our sauces are handcrafted in small batches from quality ingredients that you can pronounce. Sweet & Saucy sauces just might make your life a little more interesting.

     Our sauces are bold, rich and sinfully delicious; the perfect indulgence for those tempting moments in life. So...give in to the temptation!

Take a taste, let your eyes roll back in your head.

Feel your toes curl, and hear yourself gasp with delight.

Children of all ages will love it, but this is no kid's stuff!
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